GETEMED Medizin- und Informationstechnik AG

Innovative Medizintechnik

GETEMED, located in Teltow, Brandenburg, has been developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices in the fields of cardiological diagnostics and vital signs monitoring for over 30 years.

PhysioMem® PM 100

Using the PhysioMem® PM 100, a patient suffering from intermittent cardiac arrhythmias can record an ECG anytime and anywhere.

CardioMem® CM 4000

Holter ECG Recorder

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VitaGuard® VG 3100

The most versatile monitor

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PhysioMem® PM 100

The New Generation of Tele-ECG

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The Fontane Study, with GETEMED as Lead Technical Coordinator, has now come to a successful completion.

The recently completed Fontane Study has scientifically demonstrated that telemedicine saves the lives of patients suffering from congestive heart failure. In addition, the study verified that the approach is suitable for patient living in both rural and metropolitan regions. Over a five year...

31. August 2018