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A major aspect of telemonitoring involves taking care of high-risk patients in the ambulatory environment by the regularly collecting physiological data and other information about their state of health and using rule-based decision mechanisms to transmit the relevant data to the attending physicians.

Our telemonitoring solutions are flexible and individually configurable to monitor diseases such as congestive heart failure or chronic cardiac arrhythmia. National and international clinical studies and projects have repeatedly shown that the user-friendly solutions have a high patient benefit.

Tele ECG Recorder

PhysioMem® PM 100

The mobile Tele ECG

Using the PhysioMem® PM 100, a patient suffering from intermittent cardiac arrhythmias can record a 2-lead, 40 second ECG anytime and anywhere. Either at regular intervals or if the patient experiences cardiac related symptoms, he or she simply presses the four electrodes attached to the back of the device firmly onto the chest and presses the start button. Once the recording has finished, it is automatically transferred via ReSTA® to the attending physician for evaluation.


  • 1-button technology for easy operation
  • Integrated GSM module for mobile ECG transmission
  • 2-lead ECG via 4 electrodes on the back of the unit
  • Inductive charging of integrated battery
  • Protection against ingress of dust and fluids (IP64)

User-Video - supported by Dr. Stefan Dreesen, Philippusstift in Essen.

CardioMem® CM 100 XT


ECG Loop Recorder

CardioMem CM 100 XT is a mobile ECG loop recorder designed to acquire and record ECG stripes in three ways: upon manual activation by the patient, upon automatic detection of arrhythmic events (tachycardia, bradycardia, arterial fibrillation and pauses), or at predefined intervals via an integrated timer. The recorded episodes can be downloaded to a PC for evaluation.


  • 3 recording modes: auto-trigger (upon detection of tachycardia, bradycardia, arterial fibrillation and pauses), timer based and manually triggered.
  • Selectable pre- and post-storage durations for each recorded event.
  • Operation up to 14 days with one battery.
  • Click-on standard gel electrodes - no need for ECG cables!
  • Download via USB 2.0.
  • Ingress protection against dust and splashing water (IP 64).

Sponsored by: Federal Ministry of Economics Affairs and Energy on a decision by the German Bundestag



CardioMem® CM 100 CS


ECG Loop Recorder

The CardioSnip® device comprises a sensor (CardioMem CM 100 CS) that can also be applied by persons who are not medically trained, and an application software (CardioSnip® app). The CardioSnip® device allows you to determine the stress level of a person by way of a traffic-light-style system. The heart rate profile and heart rate variability are recorded over a period of 24 hours by way of a sensor worn on the chest. Together with further parameters (e.g. age, times when you go to bed and wake up), the physical, mental and total stress level of a person is determined by way of the application software. The acute or chronic stress levels are represented both as absolute values and as a trend curve.

CardioSnip® is not a medical device. It is not intended for medical experts to make a diagnosis with a resulting decision.

The CardioSnip® device can also be used for quality assurance in therapies or treatments by way of comparison of before-and-after evaluations.


  •    Recording time 24 h
  •   Wireless by using standard adhesive-electrodes
  •    Data transmission by Bluetooth to the App
  •   Ingress protection against dust and splashing water (IP 64)


PhysioGate® PG 1000

The communication platform

PhysioGate® is a versatile communication platform intended for out-patient care. Data from various medical and non-medical end devices, such as ECG monitors, weighing scales and/or blood pressure monitors, etc., are acquired wirelessly via Bluetooth® and then further transferred in encoded form to patient files via the integrated GSM module or DSL connectivity using standardized protocols. Moreover, transfer of the acquired data can take place according to a specified time schedule or measurement plan. In this way, medical specialists can quickly respond and ensure optimum patient care.


  • 7” color display
  • Touch screen operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth® for communicating with medical and other end devices
  • GSM module for remote data transmission
  • Extensive interfaces
  • Dialogs for self-assessment and medication compliance